PRESS TOOLS, Blanking, Bending, Piercing, Forming, Chop Off..

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Hi Q Designs & Products designs and manufactures all kinds of `HiQ Pressmart brand ' Press Tools like Blanking Die, Bending Die, Piercing Tool, Forming Die, Notching Die, Chop Off / Cutting Die, V-Bending Die, Deep Drawing Die, Assembly Press Tool and Special Purpose Tools and Dies as per customer requirements.


High Productivity, Consistent Quality Outputs and Long Life

Piercing Tool

Continuous Working, Unbreakable high quality punches and precision tool.

Chop Off / Cutting Die

Precision and accurate cutting of Strips, Flats, Angles, Rods,etc. as per customer requirements.

Special Assembly Press Tool

`HiQ SuperFit '  brand Special Purpose Press Tool for Crank Shafts Conecting Rod Assembly for Two Wheeler Automobiles and Air Compressors to high accuracy.